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The Recycling Process
Recycling Process Image

What are the alternatives to the Nulife Glass process?

Option 1 - Exported leaded glass is used to make new CRT screens.

This is described as ‘glass to glass’ or ‘closed loop’ recycling.

Whilst reuse is to be encouraged there are two formidable long-term problems:

  1. The sheer quantity of glass is already higher than demand.
  2. The introduction of flat screen technology is creating a declining market for CRTs, leaving a glut of leaded glass that needs to be treated.
  3. The few remaining CRT manufacturing plants are located thousands of miles away from where the waste is generated.

Option 2 - Metal smelting.

  1. Recovers only 50% of the lead whilst producing a contaminated toxic slag that is either used as landfill or low value aggregate.
  2. High transportation costs.
  3. Demand outstripping site capacity.

These methods relocate our problem; they do not eliminate it.

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The Recycling Process

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