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WEB ARTICLE: CEA, 22 October, 2013, Press Contact Samantha Nevels

CEA Honors Four Consumer Electronics Manufacturers and Retailers for eCycling Success

...Awardees received the eCycling Leadership Award which is made out of recycled cathode ray tube (CRT) glass by Nulife Glass Processing Ltd. Nulife Glass was the winner of the first "CRT Challenge", sponsored by CEA and the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF).


Handmade Award using recycled glass from old CRT television screens. This unique CEA eCycling Leadership Initiative Award was created by glass artist Michelle Keeling in association with Nulife Glass.


Los Angeles, CA - Consumer Electronics Association honor Best Buy, Dell, HP, and Samsung with the inaugural eCycling Leadership Award. Awardees and CEO, Gary Shapiro. Photo: CEA

The first "CRT Challenge" was a technical competition to develop compelling economic and environmentally preferable solutions for recycling old CRT televisions and monitors. Nulife Glass proposed a solution that uses an extremely energy efficient, electrically heated furnace, uniquely designed to produce minimal emissions; and operates these furnaces in New York and the U.K...

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EVENT: E-Scrap Conference, September 11- 12, Orlando, Florida

E-Scrap Conference 2013, Orlando, USA

Simon Greer presentation talk at E-Scrap

Simon Greer who presented at E-Scrap 2008 and 2010 will offer an update on Nulife Glass’ CRT recycling furnace technology; the technical and operational advances achieved with the recent successfully commissioned furnace and the processes’ material results. He will also introduce Nulife Glass’ first North American CRT recycling facility in New York State.

Nulife Glass will be exhibiting at E-Scrap Conference, Orlando. The company has recently opened a new facility in Western New York State and is offering its glass recycling service to U.S. recyclers. Please visit us at our booth #112 and find out more about our recycling services.

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PRESS RELEASE: 18 June, 2013

Waste TV Solution Arrives in NYS

...Following on from the successful commissioning in the UK of the most advanced CRT recycling plant in the world, and the only active industrial scale process to tackle the difficult task of recycling leaded glass, Nulife Glass has opened a facility 40 miles southwest of Buffalo in New York State, USA.

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WEB ARTICLE: The Post Journal, 2 July, 2013, by Dennis Phillips

Nulife For County Business

Electronics Recycling Company Coming To Chautauqua County

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WEB ARTICLE: Area Development Online News Desk, 1 July, 2013

British-based Nulife Glass Establishes First US Recycling Facility In New York State’s Buffalo Niagara Region

Nulife Glass, a recycling specialist based in England…to open its first U.S. facility in Chautauqua County, New York. The company will renovate a 50,000 square foot manufacturing plant in the Town of Sheridan...

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WEB ARTICLE: The Post Journal, 1 July, 2013

World's First Full CRT Recycler Coming To Chautauqua County

Buffalo Niagara Falls Enterprise announced today that Nulife Glass, a recycling specialist based in Manchester, England, will open their first US facility in...

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WEB ARTICLE: The Buffalo News, 1 July, by Sara Dinatale

Cathode ray tube recycler opening plant in Chautauqua County

a Manchester, England-based recycling specialist, will be opening its first US facility in Chautauqua County.

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EVENT: PA Recycling Markets Development Summit, June 20, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

PA Recycling Markets Development Summit - Spotlight E-Scrap

...Simon Greer owner and founder of Nulife Glass has been invited by Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center to present Nulife Glass' CRT glass processing technology and plans to bring this processing capability to the U.S.

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