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EVENT: E-Scrap Conference, September 19 -20, Dallas, Texas, USA

E-Scrap Conference 2012, Dallas, USA

Nulife Glass were first invited to present their findings and developments at E-Scrap in Phoenix, Arizona, 2008 and then update their progress at E-Scrap Florida 2010. Nulife Glass are not exhibiting at Dallas this year but Simon will be attending the conference to meet with his prospective and emerging customers.

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EVENT: Glass Heap Challenge UK, 6 August 2012

Nulife Glass Sponsor - Glass Heap Challenge UK, 20 - 27 August 2012

...waste glass ...a challenge to UK and International artists, designers and protagonists in the Red House Glass Cone Museum to find and demonstrate unique, creative and inspiring works that could potentially show the way forward to finding a solution. The teams will be working towards exhibiting their up cycled glass projects and developing their ideas further with the opportunity sponsors...

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WEB ARTICLE: Innocentive, 28 February 2012

CEA, EDF and InnoCentive Announce Winners for Open Innovation Eco-Challenge to Tackle Leaded Glass from TVs, Monitors

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), Environmental Defence Fund (EDF) and InnoCentive, the pioneer in crowdsourcing and open innovation, today announced the winners of an Eco-Challenge to develop compelling economic and environmentally preferable solutions for recycling old cathode ray tube (CRT) televisions and monitors.

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