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2010 News Archive

PRESS ARTICLE: Salford Business Awards 2010

Nulife Glass receives Highly Commended for The Green Award sponsored by the Environment Agency

The Green Award recognises those businesses for whom the protection or enhancement of the environment is at the core of their activities or whose products or practices have resulted in significant environment improvement. The judges have looked at how environmental considerations are build into the planning and daily operations of the business as well as the efforts made to lessen the impacts of their business process on the environment. These activities should be driven by the organisation rather than by legislation.

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Laurie Wood, Nulife Glass Technical Director receiving the award from Keith Ashcroft, Area Manager for the Environment Agency

Left: Laurie Wood, Nulife Glass Technical Director receiving the award from Keith Ashcroft, Area Manager for the Environment Agency

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Samsung to stop making CRT TVs sooner rather than later?

Samsung, one of the few household names who still manufacture TVs containing a CRT, may be stepping out of this market much sooner than had been forecast by recycling companies operating in the “glass to glass” market place. In a Q&A session following their 2009 Q4 earnings call, James Flaw – CFO of Corning Incorporated stated the following in response to a question about the future of the CRT market.

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Press & Publicity


Nulife Glass to create 30 jobs in Salford


New CRT recycling plant due to open within weeks by Ruth Faulkner

Recycling Plant brings 30 New Jobs to Salford by James RichardsonPRESS ARTICLE: Manchester Evening News
28 January 2010

Recycling Plant brings 30 New Jobs to Salford by James Richardson

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WEB ARTICLE: CRAIN’S Manchester Business
28 January 2010

Recycling firm relocates to Salford by Simon Binns

29 January 2010

Nulife Glass moves HQ to Irlam, along with new plant

29 January 2010

Nulife Recycles Old Televisions by Lynn Baker

WEB ARTICLE: Place Northwest
29 January 2010

TV recycling firm chooses Salford for HQ


Salford recycling jobs


E-Scrap Conference 2010, Orlando, USA

Venue: E-Scrap Conference, 29 -30 September 2010, New Orleans, USA

E-Scrap 2010: Polish up on CRT glass
Simon Greer, Director of Nulife Glass Processing Ltd. has been invited to join a panel of experts at the E-Scrap Conference, Hilton New Orleans Riverside to discuss Nulife Glass’ technology for separating and processing CRT glass.

With downstream processing disruptions, environmental pressure and an uncertain future, e-scrap firms handling CRT glass are getting hit from all sides. In what will be a major topic at the 2010 E-Scrap Conference, a panel of experts will present their experiences in the CRT glass recycling market, and share tips on how firms can best meet tomorrow's challenges. From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Kenneth Schefski will give an overview of the EPA's CRT Rule. From the private sector, Simon Greer, of Nulife Glass, and Bill McGeever, of ECS Refining, will give an overview of new processing strategies and their experience succeeding in CRT glass recycling.

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