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2008 News Archive


Toxic Televisions – a new approach to CRT recycling

Recycling is broadly defined as ‘subjecting a material to a process so that it can be used again’. An internet search for companies ‘recycling’ TVs, monitors and cathode ray tubes will bring up a list of over 100 companies in the UK alone so it is clear that the UK has no problem in recycling the 105,000 tonnes of cathode ray tube (CRT) glass that WRAP studies predict will become waste during 2008?..

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The end is in sight for “glass to glass CRT recycling”

Sony Corp, one of the best known manufacturers of televisions, ended the production of CRT based televisions at the end of March 2008 closing down one of a dwindling number of “glass to glass” recycling routes for scrap CRT glass.

Sony Corp. ended production of cathode-ray tubes in Japan in 2004, but continued to produce the old-style TVs under the "Trinitron" brand at plants in Singapore and Malaysia to meet limited demand in Latin America and parts of Asia.

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Toxic Waste Televisions: Problem Solved

UK recycling and research company Nulife Glass has resolved the toxic problem of poisonous lead in the glass from waste televisions.

The UK, Europe and USA are set to be awash with discarded TV screens during the coming years because new EU legislation means we must recycle and not landfill. Until now there has been no long term solution to recycling TVs as there was no way to safely recover the lead content in the glass that makes the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) through which the picture is created in the older style units.

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E-Scrap Conference, Glendale, Arizona, USA

Venue: E-Scrap Conference, Glendale, Arizona, 17-18 September 2008
Speaker: Simon Greer, Nulife Glass Processing Ltd
Title: Latest technologies in CRT processing

Simon Greer, founder of Nulife Glass Processing Ltd, was invited to be one of the guest speakers at the E-Scrap electronics recycling conference in Glendale, Arizona. 

Simon presented for the first time to a US audience Nulife Glass Processing Ltd’s unique technology for de-leading CRT glass.  He discussed the business’ history, the journey through the research and development stages to achieving the highly efficient recycling plant technology and the minimal environmental impact of this process.  Highlights of his talk included the success of separating the lead from the CRT glass with the end products of pure lead and de-leaded glass, and the transformation of the recycled CRT glass into new products such as screed and work surfaces.

The E-Scrap Conference a gathering of 900 largely but not exclusively US based waste business owners, regulators and influencers, provided an important networking opportunity for potential Nulife Glass customers.  The audience was incredibly receptive to his talk and afterwards delegates had the opportunity to make enquiries and follow up with questions

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