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2007 News Archive


Nulife Glass Processing Ltd appoints new Technical Director.

CRT recycling company Nulife Glass Processing Ltd has appointed Laurie Wood Msc, C.Env, as Technical Director to oversee development of their recycling facilities and recycling plant development in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Laurie joins the company from British Standards Institute where he has worked for the last 8 years as an Environmental Specialist.

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Green light for unique TV detox programme: “This is the holy grail of recycling”, says Nulife Glass CEO.

Nulife Glass Limited, a company founded and led by Simon Greer, has developed a unique recycling plant technology that recycles televisions. It is the only process in the world to extract lead from the glass screen, called a cathode ray tube (CRT), leaving two safe, usable end products. It removes an environmental hazard significantly reducing the toxicity of the glass and makes non-toxic glass products...

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‘Looking into Glass’ Conference, Contemporary Glass Society

Venue: Eden Project, 28/29/30 September 2007
Speaker: Simon Greer, Managing Director of Nulife Glass Processing Ltd
Title: ‘Glass alchemy – art from TV mountains’

Simon Greer, founder of Nulife Glass Processing Ltd, was one of ten speakers at the Contemporary Glass Society’s recent conference at the Eden Project. The theme of the conference included issues of sustainability, the environment and recycling technology in glass making. The conference provided a valuable platform for discussion, as well as sharing ideas with talented artists and makers, in the inspirational setting of the Eden Project, Cornwall.

Simon presented Nulife Glass Processing Ltd’s unique solution to de-leading TV and computer glass. He discussed the recycling plant technology, the environmental impact of the process, the end products of lead and de-leaded glass, and the transformation of recycled TV and computer glass into designed products.

The receptive audience of artists and glassmakers were eager to discover new glass processes and equally shocked by the images of discarded waste electronics from around the world. These only served to reinforce the importance of companies such as Nulife Glass that work towards developing realistic alternative methods for waste processing.

 Following the talk Simon enjoyed answering questions from makers, who were inspired, after seeing Nulife’s samples, by the potential of making use of the de-leaded glass. Simon stressed that ‘Nulife Glass sees a window of opportunity to work with designer/makers to develop further products for the mass market, in order to engage the public, create products, and thus close the loop, giving TV + computers back to the consumer in a different form’.

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