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Michelle Keeling Glass Artist and Designer/Maker

Michelle has worked with Nulife Glass for a number of years, more formally since early 2013 as our in-house glass artist and designer, developing new products and corporate gifts with the recycled and de-leaded CRT glass.

Projects using the recycled glass include: cufflinks for Nulife Glass; gifts for the delegates of the Awards for Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management 2012, for UK client and DHL Envirosolutions; name badges for a launch event of the world's first full production Nulife Glass CRT recycling furnace.

More recently a commission from Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) to create four eCycling Leadership awards for Best Buy, Dell, HP, and Samsung

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Kiln cast TV glass

Handmade Award using recycled panel glass from old CRT television screens. This unique CEA eCycling Leadership Initiative Award was created by glass artist Michelle Keeling in association with Nulife Glass.

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