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Environment & Legislation
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USA - Nulife Glass

Waste Management License

NYS Electronic Waste Recycler Registration Number 00896 issued November 20, 2012

Nulife Glass Dunkirk 360 Waste Permit.pdf...

Permit Type: Air Title V Facility, Permit ID: 9-0664-00035/02002, Permit issued to: Nulife Glass NY Inc. 3213 Middle Road, Dunkirk, NY 14048, Effective Date: 08/29/2014


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency



UK - Nulife Glass

Environmental Policy

Nulife Glass Environmental Policy PDF (300k PDF File)...


Waste Management License

Environmental Processing Permit for Irlam Site...



Legislation & directives regarding the disposal and recycling of CRT TV/Television and Computer Screens.


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

In Europe the WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) became active in July 2007. This forces manufacturers and importers to pay for, and manage, the recycling of WEEE.



Landfill Regulations

The Landfill Directive was enacted on the 16th July 2004 forcing ordinary landfill sites to refuse hazardous waste. Due to this legislation the number of designated hazardous waste sites fell from approximately 200 to 11 in the UK (Environment Agency).



EU Waste Catalogue (EWC)

The European Hazardous Waste Catalogue (EWC) classifies CRTs as hazardous waste meaning they can’t be disposed of to landfill without treatment. Movement of CRTs and equipment containing CRTs requires the use of a waste consignment note.



UK WEEE Regulations


EU WEEE Directive



UK Environment Agency


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