Your are viewing the archive site - Nulife Glass has ceased operations in the United States.
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USA Services
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Our CRT recycling services

What we do

Nulife Glass provide a complete and sustainable recycling service for all types of cathode ray tube (CRT) glass. This unique solution extracts lead from the leaded glass fraction in CRTs, found in televisions and computer monitors.


USA Facilities

Nulife Glass NY Inc. is Nulife Glass' first CRT recycling facility in the USA where the first U.S. furnace is being constructed. The facility located in Dunkirk, 40 miles southwest of Buffalo NY accepts whole CRT tubes from across the USA.

Nulife Glass VA Inc. is the second U.S. CRT recycling facility, located in Bristol Virginia, close to Interstate 81 and the Virginia/Tennessee border. The facility is open to accept whole CRT tubes from across the USA.

Both facilities will have the capacity to process more than 200 million pounds of CRT glass.

Nulife Glass will be opening further sites in the USA and around the world wherever demand for CRT recycling is high.

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TV/Televison & Computer Screens Ready for Recycling

How We Process CRTs

At our facility the CRT glass is cleaned, crushed and prepared for our lead recovery technology.

  1. Receive CRT glass and notify customer that the waste has been accepted at the Facility
  2. The glass will then be cleaned and crushed; chemicals are blended with the crushed glass which is fed into the furnace.
  3. Lead is extracted from the furnace and immediately prepared for sale. Clean glass is continuously extracted from the furnace and prepared for onward sale.

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Our Processing and Recycling Fees

We charge a fee for our processing and recycling services. For our latest prices please contact us.

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Why use Nulife Glass?

We provide the only complete sustainable solution to CRT recycling. The first U.S. furnace is currently under construction at our Dunkirk, NY facility.



  • THE ONLY WORKING PROCESS that recovers both lead and glass as saleable products
  • FURNACE melts 10 tonnes of leaded glass per day = the weight of CRTs from 60 tonnes of TVs
  • FACILITY CAPACITY to process 200 million pounds of glass


  • CONSERVE RESOURCES through lead recovery
  • CARBON FREE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY, NY Facility powered from the hydro-electric plant at Niagara Falls
  • USA BASED SOLUTION with zero overseas export of waste or product


  • COMPETITIVE but not your competition
  • SIMPLE TRANSACTION 'pay and ship'

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Why Wait?


Where We Operate?

Nulife Glass Group head office, Manchester

Nulife Glass CRT recycling facility, New York

Nulife Glass CRT recycling facility, Virginia


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