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CRT Recycling Services
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Looking to recycle TVs or CRTs now?

CRT Recycling Services
Nulife Glass Processing Ltd operate a recycling facility for CRT glass from our new site in Irlam near Manchester UK. We hold a full environmental permit Ref EPR/UP3639KD and are registered as an AATF ref WEE/QA006ZT/ATF.

We are the only company who can fully recycle CRT glass in the UK with no export of hazardous leaded glass giving you piece of mind in addition to a massive reduction in carbon emissions due to transport.

We accept whole units, stripped CRTs and separated CRT funnel and panel glass.

If you are an AATF or waste management company that already processes CRTs you will be happy to hear that unlike other companies who are tied into the CRT export market for “glass to glass” recycling, we don’t require the graphite and iron oxide coatings to be removed from the funnel glass saving you time and money.

If you are a corporate end user, Local Authority, AATF or the operator of a compliance scheme and are worried about your hazardous waste being exported for recycling give us a call, we can help you reduce your costs, your waste miles and the carbon footprint associated with recycling of CRTs.

For more information regarding the legislation surrounding CRT recycling see our Law section...

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The Recycling Process

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