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A Unique Solution to CRT Recycling
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Recycling CRTs from Televisions & Computer Screens


POSTED: 8 May 2016

Seeking skilled Laborers and Operations Manager

With high demand for our CRT glass recycling services from customers we are actively seeking employees to join us to deliver these services, including our unique CRT recycling technology, glass pre-processing and de-manufacturing processes.

The first commercial scale CRT glass recycling furnace is commissioned and installed in our Dunkirk, NY facility, and we plan to build the second plant at our Virginia site.

We are a small company but expanding business and offer an opportunity for individuals to be part of a business from the ground up and work on our second U.S. facility project from the beginning.


  • Implementing infrastructure and renovation to our buildings
  • Be instrumental to the development and growth of the site
  • Work as part of an expanding dynamic team
  • Develop skills through training
  • Be part of a unique solution for a U.S. environmental issue of Waste TV glass
  • Work with pioneering technology
  • Be part of Nulife Glass vision to open 2nd site in the USA and then expand across USA opening recycling facilities.

For further information Please visit our JOBS page


POSTED 26 May 2016


Tireless dedication and commitment from our team as a full scheduled work weekend is ahead. With refractory repairs completed, re-installing and reassembling of the electrodes, thermocouples and auxiliary equipment commences. Key testing, fault finding will be conducted by the team as well as our electrical engineer who will be overseeing checks on the software system that controls the furnace. Keeping to schedule, the commissioning heat up is due next week. After all this, Monday's holiday will be welcome.

POSTED: 24th May 2016


During our routine maintenance inspection the Nulife team, (that one could compare to a team of archaeologists) have been excavating and preparing the furnace for refurbishment.

The refractory specialists arrived on site first thing this Monday morning and are busy for the next three carrying out essential repairs to the glass melter. Whilst this is going on, the Nulife team can begin refitting the furnace insulators and bracing bars.

With any maintenance service there is a lot of preparation work required. Over the last month the team have been busy cleaning the baghouse air exhaust Hepa filter system; finalising any modifications to auxiliary equipment; electrical checks including thermocouples; draining and reinstalling the chiller radiator and fan for the water cooling system; cleaning and refurbishing the electrodes; inventory and re-ordering spares. The list of detail is endless.

POSTED: 26th April 2016


With the initial first quarter trials of running our CRT recycling furnace, recent laboratory results report lead purity of 99.87%. Many other tests for in put and out put material are in progress and essential for measuring furnace performance.


As well as collating data that indicates performance levels, our first planned furnace routine maintenance inspection is underway. With a controlled furnace power down and the glass melter drained, essential inspections for wear and tear and routine refurbishment are being undertaken.


The CRT process at our Bristol VA facility is underway and we are actively recruiting more employees and are seeking another sixteen positions now to meet demand.


Meanwhile Nulife team continue CRT dismantling and preparing panel glass aggregate for our concrete building blocks. Our team take advantage of the milder climate to produce the retaining wall blocks which are 85% glass and weigh 4,300lb for a customer order.

Nulife Glass Dunkirk Facility - recycled panel glass retaining wall blocks

Nulife Glass Dunkirk Facility - recycled panel glass retaining wall blocks

POSTED: 02 February 2016

21st Century Alchemy in NY

Long journey toward and long journey going forward. The Nulife team is delighted to report that metallic lead (Pb) is being extracted from CRT glass in our first U.S. CRT recycling furnace. There have been many significant moments but this has to be the one; after many years of planning to bring the technology to the U.S. recycling industry and demonstrate that lead is a valuable resource that can truly be extracted out of CRT glass. With all the anticipation, debate and discussion surrounding CRT glass, this significant moment can only strengthen the view that this material is certainly a commodity with inherent value and a future.

21st Century Alchemy in NY

First lead extracted from Dunkirk, NY CRT recycling furnace

POSTED: 13 January 2016


Dunkirk facility, New York not Antarctica!
Snow forecast for the whole week.
Furnace remains hot.

Snow forecast for the whole week Snow forecast for the whole week

POSTED: 7 January 2016


An exciting moment indeed for all the team as the first glass flows from the forehearth.

glass flows from the forehearth

To summarise the last few weeks following the gas start up it is worth noting that commissioning the furnace is a phased and lengthy process. During this period refractory is put through an expansion schedule; all the electrical systems are live tested and any potential glitches resolved; PLC control systems to operate the furnace are fine tuned. All these calibrated phases are required before a single pound of glass is loaded into the furnace.

As the gas burners remain on, the initial loading of panel glass into the furnace is done according to a planned glass batching schedule. Gradually as the volume of material is increased the electrodes are activated and the switch from gas to electricity occurs. The gas burner removed, the furnace operates solely on electricity.



At 3.00pm EST, Dunkirk NY had its own significant moment as the first U.S. Nulife Glass CRT recycling furnace began its heat up. The initial stages of the furnace commissioning is a very critical and exciting time. After many months of construction and project challenges the furnace is on.

Nulife Glass CRT recycling furnace began its heat up

The heat treating engineers arrived in the early hours to set up their gas monitoring equipment and lengthy gas pipes to connect the furnace to the propane supply. Meanwhile the Nulife team were doing final checks on the water flow system and prepare the heat up and expansion schedule. The process is methodical and takes place hourly during the heat and furnace expansion. The bracing bolts are checked for movement and slight adjustments are made by hand or using a torque wrench to control the bolt tension.

Bracing Bolts Are Checked for Movement The Buffalo mascot that was gifted to us, as well as our customary protective talisma

Following custom, for our Western New York furnace it seemed fitting to have the Buffalo mascot that was gifted to us, as well as our customary protective talisman.



Transformer cables

Quantum leaps have been made over the last few days as things prepare to hot up at the Nulife facility in Dunkirk. The Nulife team are making final checks on the water flows for the cooling system as well as final testing on the electrical control wiring. All systems are go as the propane gas was delivered today in preparation for the furnace commissioning process. The engineers will begin the furnace heat up tomorrow. Exciting times indeed as the long awaited Nulife first USA based CRT recycling plant is commissioned.

Transformer cables Transformer cables



The electrical team continue diligently to install the essential cables and wiring for the furnace.

The control panel for the thermocouples arrived from the UK end of last week and is currently being installed and wired up. Whilst our software team in the UK continue work on all the programming required to operate the furnace.

Meanwhile ancillary equipment for preparing and handling the glass cullet is in the final stages of production. Some equipment was delivered yesterday and the Nulife team are assembling and running trials.

Transformer cables

Transformer cables

POSTED: 4th December 2015

Electrical install is progressing well, with the interconnections from the melter switch gear and primary transformers scheduled for completion today.

Interconnections From the Melter Switch Gear and Primary Transformers

POSTED: 25th November 2015

The long awaited melter thyristor cabinets arrived at the facility last week and so the complex electrical install continues...

Our Nulife team meanwhile are wiring up the electrode thermocouples and assisting with the install of the electrical conduit from the secondary transformer to the the main switch gear.

The long awaited melter thyristor cabinets arrived at the facility

POSTED: 17th November 2015


With the recent flurry of CRT industry press and certification downstream approval being challenged it would be all too easy to be distracted and consumed by opinion that requires a lengthy, considered and thought out response.

So with this in mind, our work focus is fully on the completion and commissioning of our CRT recycling furnace. The progress may outwardly appear to be slowing up as the blogs are less frequent but our team tirelessly push on making daily adjustments and correcting discrepancies that naturally occur when working from plan to reality. Thermocouples that provide furnace temperature readings are being fitted with respective wiring completed this week; the muffle elements and connectors that provide heat to the forehearths have also been fitted.

Our Work Focus Is Fully on the Completion and Commissioning of Our CRT Recycling Furnace

Muffle elements protruding from forehearth

POSTED: Armistice - Veterans Day


The long awaited main transformer arrived yesterday; this is a critical component for the electrical system. Meanwhile many other tasks have been accomplished: hanging the charger door; mounting the glass charger onto the furnace platform; assembling the security cages for all the transformers and finally all the melter electrodes are installed. These took some careful planning and skilful handling; no photos to show as the build progresses pictorial reporting becomes sensitive. What remains is lot of wiring and connecting to to bring it all live.

Assembling the Security Cages for All the Transformers and Finally All the Melter Electrodes Are Installed Assembling the Security Cages for All the Transformers and Finally All the Melter Electrodes Are Installed



After several industrious, noisy productive weeks, the plant seems eerily quiet today. The furnace crown was completed last Thursday and Friday morning after finalising the last details our refractory contractors packed up their tricks and headed home for Halloween. Our treat is to see a job well done and the furnace built.

With the water cooling system in place, this leaves the main power and electrical systems and mechanical auxiliary equipment to be installed.

The furnace crown was completed last Thursday and Friday morning after finalising the last details


Contractors continue the conduit install for the primary power cables, that when connected to the furnace will draw hydro electric power produced by Niagara Power Project. Nulife's Dunkirk facility was awarded the allocation in 2013 and the final contract for the allocation from NYPA was recently signed.

Meticulous work to finalise the melter refractory was completed today, and so the crown build commences. The furnace is shaping up. Meanwhile the Nulife team trial the water system for leaks and continue essential auxiliary equipment install.

Contractors continue the conduit install for the primary power cables Contractors continue the conduit install for the primary power cables Meticulous work to finalise the melter refractory



As the furnace build progresses so our updates need to be mindful of the years of research, trials and design - understandably. This does not however diminish the report of the daily undertakings.
The main melter refractory install and forehearths are complete and the insulation brick laying is underway. The electrical contractors continue bringing primary power cables to the transformers and auxiliary material handling equipment is designed and being manufactured.

The Furnace Build Progresses The Furnace Build Progresses Glass forehearth

Glass forehearth

Insulation brick

Insulation brick



Essential plumbing takes place underneath the furnace keeping the upper platform clear; whilst our team continue with install of the electrical trays in preparation for the main power cables that will connect to the furnace. Our refractory contractors continue with the meticulous detail required prior to completing the forehearth and refractory install. Very productive week.

Our Team Continue With Install of the Electrical Trays Our Team Continue With Install of the Electrical Trays Our Team Continue With Install of the Electrical Trays



Contractors Have Been Skilfully Installing

Three days of silence is not indicative of lack of activity, In fact quite the opposite. Long days for our refractory contractors who have been skilfully installing the insulation brick, back up refractory and furnace blocks. This type of work requires precision, patience and focus to achieve a perfect fit. Work continues on the water system with the drilled ring main in position reminiscent of a very long flute; our team fit all the valves and taps .

Installing the Insulation Brick Work continues on the water system


Still catching up with last week - the refractory sub-layer was poured and levelled and allowed to cure over the weekend. Work resumes today with the install of the forehearth and riser insulation bricks.

The Nulife team continue mapping out the water cooling system with the tundish return pipework all fitted and tested for leaks and cable tray assembly in progress.

Refractory Sub-Layer Was Poured and Levelled Work resumes today Forehearth and Riser Insulation Cable Tray Assembly in Progress


Summarising last week's exciting progress: the remaining furnace support columns were bolted down and painted in Nulife green. All the sillimanite blocks were checked on site, whilst the furnace refractory inspection took place off site in PA.

Our refractory contractors arrived to set up their equipment and cast the furnace foundations. Whilst electrical contractors began installing the main power cables from the transformer through to the switchgear.

Silliminate blocks Refractory inspection Silliminate blocks Casting Casting



Our furnace specialist has returned to the facility to ensure the build is on schedule for the imminent refractory installation. Main stairs were fitted yesterday and the furnace enclosure measured up and marked out. First set of water cooling jackets that arrived from the UK and the electrodes were inspected and assembled; water pump station was also finished and now needs connecting to the tank and ring main.

Build Is on Schedule for the Imminent Refractory Installation Build Is on Schedule for the Imminent Refractory Installation Build Is on Schedule for the Imminent Refractory Installation



Work on the water cooling system required for the furnace electrodes has started; yesterday the ring main was completed, trial fitted and in position. The main valve locations have also been marked up and work on the pump station is in progress. Platforms are finished with all welding and fabrication completed of the new sections. The charger platform handrails and top sections of the furnace painted.

Water Cooling System Required for the Furnace Electrodes Water Cooling System Required for the Furnace Electrodes Water Cooling System Required for the Furnace Electrodes Water Cooling System Required for the Furnace Electrodes



Nulife team erect the last of the lower platforms albeit not as straight forward as hoped, a lot of cutting and fabricating was required for it all to fit! This however allowed for a substantial amount of the remaining floor plates to be fitted. More furnace components arrived on site, as well as a visit from our refractory suppliers who spent some time finalising details on site.

Small glitches occur, like the supplier who is no longer able to supply what you require or fabricated components don't actually fit; finding the solutions and overcoming the hurdles all part of a good day.

Lower platform extended Lower platform extended

Lower platform extended



Deliveries of the various furnace components are shipping in from near and far, including the lead chutes, remaining electrode extensions and refractory material. Our team continue piecing together the last platform sections and complete painting the top section of the furnace. Behind the scenes, installation of ancillary equipment is underway with the water feed system to the furnace, as well as design and planning for scraper conveyors, hoists and electrical layouts.

Various Furnace Components Are Shipping in From Near and Far Various Furnace Components Are Shipping in From Near and Far Various Furnace Components Are Shipping in From Near and Far Various Furnace Components Are Shipping in From Near and Far



Nulife team have been busy cutting and welding chequer plate to create the furnace charger platform. Handrails have been installed as well the steel work receiving a coat of heat resistant paint.

Handrails have been installed as well the steel work receiving a coat of heat resistant paint Handrails have been installed as well the steel work receiving a coat of heat resistant paint



First delivery of our bespoke refractories arrived yesterday from our U.S. supplier; including the sillaminate blocks, andalusite bricks and the crown block work.

Sillaminate Blocks, Andalusite Bricks and the Crown Block Work Sillaminate Blocks, Andalusite Bricks and the Crown Block Work

POSTED: 8th September 2015

This latest post is coming to you directly from our Dunkirk facility after returning from the E-Scrap Conference in Orlando, Florida. The trade show was an opportunity for us to update our clients and the recycling industry first hand on our furnace build progress; for those who didn't attend the conference apologies for our blogging absence.

Latest report from our UK supplier, the electrode water-cooling jackets are fabricated and ready to be shipped.

Electrode Water-Cooling Jackets

Posted: 30th August 2015


Our steel contractors have completed their part of the installation project, with the last modified platform pieces installed, now waiting for remaining new steels to be delivered.

Meanwhile the forehearth cases where the glass will flow from are suspended and the risers due to be installed shortly.

Setting the Stage Lecturn looking piece of steel will support the riser

Lecturn looking piece of steel will support the riser.

Suspended forehearth case

Suspended forehearth case.

Posted: 26th August 2015


Nulife team modify the platform steels and install first set of stairs to the charger platform. Furnace structure shaping up...

Hoisting the platform Hoisting the platform Hoisting the platform

Posted: 23rd August, 2015

Hoisting the platform

Hoisting the platform

Platform steels assembled

Platform steels assembled

Posted: 20th August, 2015


Yesterday the Nulife team installed the platform steel pieces and the last few sections are due to be fitted today. The electrical contractors have started installing conduits in preparation for bringing the main power supplies to the furnace equipment.

Electrical contractors installing conduits Electrical contractors installing conduits Electrical contractors installing conduits

Posted: 19th August, 2015


Painting of furnace column supports has started, treating the steel with heat resistant paint.

Painting of furnace column supports has started treating the steel with heat resistant paint

Posted: 14th August, 2015


Apologies for the seven-day silence... meanwhile our Nulife team have prepared and sorted all the steels for the furnace platform. They have shimmed up the columns so they now sitting firmly on the ground and not appearing to float in space; installed the two main platform columns so the top beams could be located and fixed.

Containment tank in place

Platform columns in situ

Containment tank in place

Platform steels going in

Containment tank in place

Hands on

Containment tank in place

Birds eye view

Containment tank in place

NU UPDATE: August 2015

Posted: 7th August, 2015


The steel crew finalise and secure furnace door lifting beams as well as roof and forehearth support beams. Our Nulife team continues the refurbishment of essential furnace components.

Horizontal roof beams installed

Horizontal roof beams installed

Horizontal roof beams installed


September 1-3, 2015, Orlando, Florida


Please visit us at our booth #206 to find out more about the first U.S. CRT recycling furnace currently being built at Nulife's site in Dunkirk, NY and our recently opened second U.S. facility in Bristol, VA.

For more information visit:

Posted: 6th August, 2015

Everyone very excited about the steel build progress. Monday the large containment tank was delivered and installed.

Containment tank in place

Containment tank in place

Posted: 4th August, 2015


Bracing steels bolted and welded in place

Bracing steels bolted and welded in place

Large vertical steels going up Large vertical steels going up Large vertical steels going up

Large vertical steels going up

Large vertical steels going up

NU UPDATE: July 2015

Posted: 30th July, 2015


In summary the first delivery of all new and modified steel work arrived on site.

First steel work delivery

First steel work delivery.

Initially progress was slow as the site floor had to be re-marked following last week's torrential flooding in Dunkirk; but the first columns are now up thanks to the dedicated crew who are erecting all steel work. Most of the base steels are fitted and modifications to buckstay and bracing steels have been completed.

Furnace base steel columns in situ

Furnace base steel columns in situ.

Electricians have now fully installed lighting and power to the furnace office and maintenance workshop; whilst our Nulife team is busy assisting with the furnace build and managing daily operations.

Steel monoliths our very own Stonehenge!

Steel monoliths our very own Stonehenge!

Challenging few days, but all the team keep pushing forward.


Posted: 28th July, 2015

More than a year in planning, design and modifications, Nulife's CRT glass recycling furnace is now taking shape and becoming a reality.

The glass de-leading furnace previously installed at Nulife's test site in Manchester, England, was shipped to Nulife's Dunkirk site last year, during this time various imported furnace components have been customized for U.S. compatibility.

Additional furnace parts are on order and in fabrication, including electrical components, refractories and other timeline critical components.

Our UK furnace technology specialists and designers recently returned from a business trip to the USA meeting with our specialist suppliers to ensure production is on track and finalising delivery schedules.

With existing steel furnace parts being re-engineered off site, contractors have been on site to mark out centrelines in preparation for the foundation furnace steel parts to be installed this coming week.

Whilst the new CRT recycling furnace build has been much anticipated a lot has been going on behind the scenes at our Dunkirk facility.

Plans to construct a new CRT negative air pressure dismantling room is in progress, as well as refurbishment of offices and employee facilities.

For the last month contractors along with Nulife employees have been digging and laying foundations for new access roads around the site.

For further updates - WATCH THIS SPACE


BRISTOL, Va. - A ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday signaled the formal start of operations at Nulife Glass, but it will be some time before actual recycling can begin. The Manchester, England-based firm plans to construct a large electric furnace and recycle old cathode ray tube TVs and computer monitors inside the former Crowley Dairy property at the corner of Gate City Highway and Catherine Street. Nulife recently acquired the vacant, 12-acre site

View Full Article By David McGee, Bristol Herald Courier, Thursday 9 April

Where We Operate?

Nulife Glass Group head office, Manchester

Nulife Glass CRT recycling facility, NY

Nulife Glass CRT recycling facility, VA

Nulife Glass Recycling Group designs, builds and operates furnaces incorporating their novel and innovative recycling technology. Nulife Glass provides a complete sustainable recycling service for CRT glass.

Nulife Glass' CRT recycling furnace technology is capable of processing up to 10 tonnes of funnel glass per day, equivalent to the glass from approximately 60 tonnes of televisions.

This unique CRT recycling furnace extracts the toxic lead from the glass in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. The process creates no waste and avoids export of hazardous material around the globe.

Nulife has New York furnace up and running

By Bobby Elliot

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Nulife Glass offers update on furnace progress. Nulife Glass says testing is underway on its New York CRT glass recycling furnace...

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Videocon shuts down furnaces

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